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What is a 3G pitch?

3G pitches (often now called “football turf”) are carpets made up of millions of 60 cm long plastic fibres knitted together. The fibres are then covered with rubber crumb, which replicate mud. The carpet is laid on a prepared base of small stones, sometimes overlaid with a rubber shock pad to absorb impacts.

3G pitches usually look like lush grass pitches all year round. Their performance will vary, much as mud and grass pitches do, in different weather conditions.

  • The sub-base is made up from 4500 tonnes recycled railway ballast
  • This is topped with 40mm permeable tarmac
  • The 3G carpet was manufactured in Holland and delivered in rolls 4M wide x 80M long
  • The carpet is laid loose on the tarmac and glued at the joints
  • The white lines are cut into the pitch and glued in place
  • The synthetic grass fibres are 62mm long, these are infilled with 10mm fine sand and then topped up with 40mm rubber crumb made from recycled car tyres
  • The carpet is made with a combination of light and dark green filaments no give natural appearance
  • There are 109,620 blades of synthetic grass per M2
  • Thats a staggering total blades of synthetic grass on the pitch 12,540,528,000,000
  • The pitch has been tested and given FIFA 2star grading, the highest grade possible

What footwear is suitable for a 3G pitch?

Proper CLEAN footwear must always be worn on the 3G pitch, spikes or flat soled shoes must not be worn. Please ensure that the boots are checked before training or playing for both sharpness and cleanliness.


Key facts about 3G

1. Today's top 3G synthetic turf is shown empirically to play like good natural grass. Tests have shown the surface performs as well as Wembley Stadium in terms of ball bounce and speed and foot rotation.

Wembley Stadium, like The Emirates and many other top stadia, is not even a natural grass pitch. It is a hybrid of grass, mud and plastic fibres.

2. Several years of FIFA and UEFA led research on today's 3G pitches now show solid empirical evidence that there is no significant injury risk difference between 3G and natural mud and grass pitches.

3. 3G pitches are level and ball roll and bounce is consistent, qualities rarely associated with semi-pro and lower pro league football pitches. Players can strut their stuff and move confidently on 3G without worrying about boggy patches, bumps, ruts, ridges and holes.

4. 3G pitches are allowed in International matches, the World Cup, The Champions League and The Europa League.

5. 3G pitches allow the community to use them and develop stronger ties to clubs

Members of the public and community teams are able to use the stadium pitch and adjacent facilitie developing a stronger affiliations with their club.

6. 3G pitches are playable in most weather conditions

Postponements of football matches on mud and grass pitches lead to significant financial losses and cash flow crises for football clubs and frustration for their supporters and customers, particularly at semi-pro and lower pro league level. The loss of one single Saturday match for a League 2 club could cost, say, £25,000, if 25% fewer customers come along to the re-arranged mid-week match later in the season.

7. 3G pitches are durable. Today’s good quality 3G pitches can reasonably be expected to last eight to 10 years before needing replacement. The technical quality and durability is increasing all the time. Some suppliers are today offering warranties for at least eight years of use.

8. 3G pitches are simple and cheap to maintain to the highest quality. Maintenance costs are far lower with 3G than with mud and grass. Essential equipment is relatively cheap; a small tractor or sit-down lawn-mower and a special trailer for brushing and scraping the pitch infill. Regular maintenance requires brushing (every 10 hours of use), together with a more intensive quarterly and yearly infill and base maintenance programme. That is all that is required, compared to the considerable labour and capital cost of keeping a natural pitch in pristine condition.

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